Active Power Filters

Hipex Corp. offers superior power quality solutions for commercial and industrial installations.

We are experts in applications of APF (Active Power Filter) systems with real time electrical system measurement and correction of power disturbances such as harmonics, low power factor and power imbalances.

Hipex Corp. offers property managers and commercial/industrial building owners free initial inspections of building power systems.  Upon inspection, our specialists evaluate the options and offer filter solutions for optimal power quality improvements. The use our power filtering solutions results in power savings and reduction in power system disturbances.

Our APF technology and applications offer the following benefits to power system owners:

  • Reduction in monthly power bill by increasing the system efficiency of major power consumption parameters such as:

- increasing the average power factor

- elimination of power harmonics

- elimination of phase imbalance

  • Reduction in maintenance cost by:

- improved components life

- improved overall system reliability

  • Reduction in carbon tax charges by reducing the carbon footprint

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