Energy Efficiency

HipexCorp. provides services and specialized solutions to enhance energy efficiency throughout Western Canada. Our key services include:

  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Coordination Studies
  • Harmonic Distortion Analysis
  • Multivendor VFD Programming
  • Electrical Equipment Commissioning

Hipex Corp. performs power analysis that result in maximizing our clients energy efficiency, and infrared thermography that identifies potential damage of machinery and equipment, which  results in the reduction of unplanned shutdowns. Our service personnel are equipped with the latest testing devices, allowing us to test, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical equipment to prevent major problems and thereby reduce a company’s overhead costs. We work alongside mechanical and electrical engineers and contractors and provide a wide range of comprehensive services, including start-up, commissioning, testing, reporting, and remedial action.


Measurement of power quality may apply to the main power distribution, sub-distribution circuit or circuit specific device. Hipex Corp. measures, evaluates and corrects:

  • Disturbances (surges and dips) in voltage on phases of the power supply
  • Uniformity of load phases
  • Power and electricity
  • Harmonic voltages and currents
  • Power factor

These studies allow for the proper selection of power correction equipment to maximize power efficiencies. Each logging session provides our clients with detailed and extensive reports containing data, charts, and findings with recommendations for improvements and/or corrective actions that may be required.

Specifically Hipex Corp. utilizes Infrared thermography as a non-destructive method of testing that allows for a non-invasive assessment of the actual condition of the thermal insulation of a building or to locate a leak in a water system. In the energy sector a thermal study makes it possible to carry out high-speed, non-contact inspections of equipment or systems responsible for the generation, transmission, and processing of electricity. In the industrial sector, studying heat distribution on the elements of the production lines will identify malfunctioning devices, and identify the tightness of furnaces and chimneys. Mechanical system assessments will identify the state of the thermal insulation of pipelines, refrigeration lines, and the tightness of air conditioning units.

Hipex Corp. offers building owners and property managers a free inspection walk through of their building where we will determine if a power quality filtering equipment is going to offer significant benefits such as reductions in the following:

  • Monthly power bill as a result of increasing the average power factor
  • Monthly power bill by increasing the efficiency of major power consumption components
  • Carbon tax by reducing the carbon footprint
  • Voltage disturbance issues
  • Electromagnetic Interference.

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