Hipex Corp. offers VFD solutions that go beyond the standard supply of VFD and components in a box.  Our skilled personnel understand the noise and layout issues caused by improper installation of VFD and components and ensure the wiring and layout provides for easy access of customer power and control wiring termination points.  The proper layout ensures that high temperatures components such as reactors and filters have adequate ventilation and air flow to ensure the complete internal assembly is within the manufacturers’ and CSA guidelines. Heat run testing is provided for all new VFD designs.  Repetitive VFD assemblies are all load tested at full load. All VFDs are programmed for ease of start-up on site. If actual motor data is available prior to factory testing, then the factory program does not require any parameter changes for on-site commissioning. This ensures a quick and efficient start-up after voltage verification and confirmation of proper field wiring of the VFD assembly.


Design Specifications:


NEMA 1, NEMA 12 Ventilated, NEMA 3R Ventilated and NEMA 4 Wall-mount or free standing or mounted in MCCs

Free cooling and Forced Air Cooling

Galvanized Mounting Pan

Paint Finish: Light grey, special paint finish upon request.


208/220/230 volt, 1 or 3 phase input, 50/60 Hz.

460/480 volt, 1 or 3 phase input, 50/60 Hz.

575/600 volt, 1 or 3 phase input, 50/60 Hz.

Standard and Custom Engineered VFD Panels:

Base Standard Options:

  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • Fused Disconnect Switch
  • Fused 120 Vac control power
  • Input Reactor or Filter
  • dv/dt Filter
  • Customer control Terminal Blocks
  • Chassis mounted VFD
  • English text keypad mounted on cabinet door
  • Exhaust air fan cooling as required for heat dissipation

Bypass Option:

  • Three Contactor Bypass
  • VFD-OFF-Bypass Selector Switch
  • VFD Run Pilot Lamp (RED)
  • Bypass Run Pilot Lamp (RED)
  • Run/Stop control Relay
  • Motor Overload relay

Additional VFD Options:

  • Harmonic Filter
  • Transient Surge Protection for transient spikes up to 3000Vac and 250 Joules
  • Input Isolation Contactor
  • VFD Output Contactor
  • Bypass Contactor with RVS starter
  • Motor Starter Protection Relays (MSP)(for multi-motor applications)
  • Input Power Distribution Block for Top or Bottom Entry
  • Motor Power Distribution Block for Top or Bottom Entry
  • Custom Enclosure Paint Finish

All options are available upon request.

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